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Dining at home acquires a whole new meaning with the classic elegance and contemporary comfort of the Tembu dining chair by house of Akara. Sitting in its solid, sculptured wooden structure and soft cushioned body makes you feel immediately at ease, ready for an exquisite meal and a sharp conversation!


Wood, Foam, Fabric


Dining Chair




Height: 84 cm (33.08 in)
Width: 57 cm (22.45 in)
Depth: 57 cm (22.45 in)
Seat Height: 45 cm (17.72 in)

The Tembu Dining Chair unites the strong, yet light look of stained oak with the beauty of organic shapes, finished off with straight modern cuts.

Interior Design

The Earthina collection contains chairs, tables, coffee tables. Together, they achieve their richest form of powerful presence and delicate appearance.

Sofa and Plants
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